David Byrne and Chris Ruen Discuss Music and Copyright in the Digital Era

Currently I’m in the middle of reading How Music Works a book by former Talking Heads’ frontman and current solo artist David Byrne. The book serves as both a general history of the development of music in human culture as well as the role innovations and technologies have played in its evolution. So far (I’m about two-thirds in) the book has been fascinating and easy read – Byrne writes in a very accessible fashion – that has already forced me to rethink about the way music is created and heard.

On Dec. 5 Byrne sat down with Chris Ruen the author of the new book Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Hunger For Free Content Starves Creativity at the New York Public Library to discuss music and copyright in the digital era. The two authors examine the high complexities born of the current digital age and its effect on the music industry and the artists creating content. The chat lasts about an hour and half and concludes with a Q&A with the audience.


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